7 Key Points Bloggers Shouldn’t Miss

Are you a blogger looking for professional advices on creating an excellent blog article? If so, keep reading –  

You want your audience to feel comfortable reading what you write, but you also want them to have an emotional connection to your writing. A good rule of thumb is to write in a conversational tone. Writing in a conversational tone means you will connect with your audience.  

Make your headlines more enticing. A catchy headline can draw attention to your blog article 

Always use the right number of words. Keep your word count between 800 and 2,000 words. 

If you were inspired by others’ work before writing your own, please include a link back to the original website, page or article. You want to create trust and credibility for your blog article. Always link to the original source.  

Remember to add images to your blog article. Relevant, unique and high-quality images will attract attention, provide you with a great sense of purpose and let others see what you are writing about.  

Create an SEO friendly title. You should be able to see at a glance what your post is all about.  

Include a clear call to action. This will increase the chances of your readers sharing it with their friends.