BVI – British Virgin Island

The British Virgin Island (BVI) is now receiving more and more attention from the world of business as it is a well-recognized offshore jurisdiction.  It has always been a popular place for international companies to have their offshore companies there. Nowadays, around 40% of the world’s offshore companies are BVI offshore company registrations. As one of the members of the British Commonwealth, BVI’s legislation is based on the British Legal System and English Common Law, but it is a separate legal jurisdiction to the UK and has its own laws.

BVI Offshore Company

Currently, there are more than 600 thousands incorporations registered in BVI. Having a BVI offshore company is advantageous primarily because it subjects to fewer legal restrictions and reporting requirements. Having a BVI offshore company registration does not cost much, which is typically around a few thousand pounds.  Most importantly, BVI offshore companies are able to enjoy tax reduction or are even not required to pay any tax. It is also the major reason that many multinational companies are attracted to BVI offshore company setup.

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