Cayman Fund Investment and LPF HK Management

Do you aspire to explore your business options and reap benefits exclusive to offshore jurisdictions? Cayman Islands is currently one of the main jurisdictions for offshore investment funds all around the globe and Cayman Fund is becoming more popular than ever. Now, most Cayman Islands Investment Funds are required to be registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) because of the recent modifications made to the Cayman Islands Mutual Funds Law. Taking that into account, CityLinkers, an esteemed accounting firm, has partnered up with a CIMA accredited auditor to conduct first-rate Cayman Fund audits relating to Cayman Fund Investment and offer attentive Cayman Fund Investment Consultation. 

Outside of Cayman Fund Investment, CityLinkers is also experienced with customized and high-quality Limited Partnership Funds HK services. To give an illustration, it is important to note that The Hong Kong Government has introduced a new system of private fund management under the Limited Partnerships Fund Ordinance (Cap. 637) since 31st August 2020 to update the previous Limited Partnership Ordinance (Cap. 37). The new LPF HK ordinance lets eligible private funds to be registered as limited partnerships with the purpose to manage investment and guard investor’s benefits. In consideration of this, CityLinkers makes sure to offer top notch services for Limited Partnership Funds HK setup, give professional business advice for LPF HK management as well as support a hassle-free LPF Setup that adheres to corresponding laws and regulations to help you realize your goals. From LPF HK administration and secretarial services, to accounting and financing of the fund, CityLinkers gives its best to attend to your needs.