China Search Marketing

Internet users in China usually turn to search engines to research what, where and how to buy the products. It makes search Ads a great potential for both advertisers and internet users. There are several dominant search engines in China marketing. The most popular one is Baidu, with a market share of over 50%. So most advertisers make efforts towards it primarily to capture the most business opportunities. However, search Ads in Baidu are not quite obvious compared with the organic results, in which you should be aware of in your China marketing strategies. Besides the arrangement of search Ads, it also favors results from their own products.

Another search engine which you could used in your China marketing is Sogou. It is a rising star in both search Ads and SEO, however the usage is not as large as Baidu. They plan to focus more on AI to improve the performance of search Ads and organic results. Other known search engines are Shenma and 360 Search. They only occupied small market share. Shenma positioned them as mobile search engine which grap the huge opportunity of mobile-first trends in nowadays for searching for products and services. This place them in a good position to have large potential grow in the coming years, including search Ads and SEO. 360 Search is previously named as Haosou, which some advertiser will include them in their China marketing. This is because its parent company is well known for their security products, make 360 Search a good option for B2B marketing.