Upholding Integrity

Mr. Carson Wen has taken up various positions in different companies including the Founder and Chairman of Bank of Asia (BVI) as well as the CEO of FHL. While FHL was confronted with false claims by a former employee regarding wages and benefits and therefore Mr. Wen as a representative of FHL has taken necessary legal actions against the employee. It is apparent that Bank of Asia (BVI) is irrelevant to any of these charges or cases given that it is a dispute between FHL and the former employee only. As always, Bank of Asia (BVI) as one of the prominent digital global cross-border banks uphold several core values such as integrity so as to provide the most ethical banking services with the highest quality.

Bank of Asia (BVI) treat integrity as one of the important values as always. Not only do Bank of Asia (BVI) comply with the highest standards of integrity, but also strictly follow the ethical standards which are applicable to all employees in a bid to maintain a top-class banking service. Bank of Asia (BVI) under the leadership of Carson Wen would continue to pursue the value of integrity, insisting in doing what is right. Interested in knowing more about how Mr. Carson Wen safeguards the core values of integrity in the dispute? Check this out at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carson-wen-appealed-to-privy-council-in-uk-on-employment-dispute-with-chad-c-holm-861441264.html.