What is a virtual info day like?

In view of the pandemic, universities around the world take advantage of a virtual info day solution for undergraduate admissions. So, what is a virtual info day like? In fact, it is pretty much the same as an in-person one. Usually, live sessions will cover detailed information about faculties and curriculum as well as the updated admission requirements. A number of students will be sharing on campus life, internships, and international exchanges to let prospective students see what it is like to attend the university. Also, the highlights of each faculty and department will be presented in respective virtual booths.

Now that we know what a virtual info day looks like, let’s see what a virtual info day solution offers. Well, the best part about a virtual info day solution is that prospective students can apply relevant filters and search sessions by faculty/ department name easily and quickly. In addition, they can download images, videos, and summaries from virtual stands, and refer back to them when deciding on which program to take later on. Furthermore, live video chats enable students and faculty members to instantly answer questions and give relevant information.

Just like universities, many companies have started going digital as well. Employee training scheduling solution is especially popular these days. A good employee training scheduling solution allows managers to create training plans efficiently. Most things will be done by automation and you can say goodbye to repeatedly checking off boxes on an Excel spreadsheet. For employees, they can stay on top of important lessons, assignments, and quizzes.