Which Webinar Portal Showed its Power During Quarantine?

Quarantine caused by the COVID-10 pandemic made the world understand the significance of virtual communication. The hard time the planet has been experiencing since the end of 2019 helped tech masters create new products that will connect people even if they are physically disconnected. One of the priorities was to allow business people to continue their regular working routine without disruptions. A talented group of engineers created UC. Now – a Webinar Portal that serves as a stable online space for working and studying groups.

The Online Staff Training Platform HK is taking online communication to a whole new level.  The founders of the portal wanted to present something entirely new to the audience and the idea passed extremely well. Now, a range of organizations are using UC. Now for staff recruitment, presentations, and other meetings.

As an innovative Webinar Portal, UC. Now doesn’t only offer a virtual place for meetings. It also provides several tools that keep materials together and put them at members’ disposal. The Administrator has various features that make the organization of the event easy and simple. For example, an instructor can send out notifications about the upcoming meetings and add files to the channel. All the participants can check out those files and interact with the trainer on the Online Staff Training Platform HK.

UC. Now consists of a creative crew with futuristic ideas! This team did not only improve virtual meetings, they aim to become the main digital platform for prestigious institutions all around the world. Considering the success that this Webinar Portal has had so far, the chances to build the brand internationally are enormous. The future of the Online Staff Training Platform HK UC. Now is promising and staff recruiters are extremely satisfied with that!