What do we need to looking at when choosing an online Math tutor?

Online coaching saves so much time and energy and it has become a new learning trend nowadays. No matter if you are looking for an AP Math Tutor, SAT Math Tutor or ISEB Math Tutor, Online coaching platforms make things much easier. Instead of asking your friends who is the best, you can just read the tutor’s reviews and rating. Apart from looking at reviews, what else you need to know before hiring the tutor?

Does he/she know about your examination?

If you are going to take UKiset, it is no doubt to only search for a UKiset Math Tutor who can share the skills on this examination. Every examination requires different skills and abilities. Hiring someone who really knows about the examination structures, trends and particular strategy is absolutely helpful.

Does he/she have proved results of student improvement?

Past student’s performance is like the portfolio of the Math tutor. If you are looking for an IB Math tutor, focus on how much other student’s performance has improved, and how they improved. Some tutors may be very knowledgeable about Math, but it does not mean they are good at teaching Math. Getting a tutor who is able to make Math fun is always a good idea, as Math is sometimes quite boring.