Hong Kong Wine Course: The Best Way to Explore the Wine World

Wine tastes better when you know more about it! You can attend a prestigious Hong Kong Wine Course at CorVino and become an expert that enjoys wines on a whole new level. Before attending a course, you will not be able to tell the difference between wines and explore them through smell, taste, and sight. After passing the course, however, those will be easy tasks for you!

The most popular Hong Kong Wine Course is WSET. You can attend three levels in Wines and three levels in Sake at CorVino. You decide how far you want to get! If your goal is only to learn how to use smell, sight, and taste to differentiate wines and recognize the best ones, you won’t have to study too much. Those are the skills that you will develop on the first level!

The second level of WSET will teach you more about grape varieties. You will learn where people grow certain grape types and how to describe wines confidently. The third level of the WSET Hong Kong Wine Course introduces sparkling and fortified wines and explains the quality, style, and price of the beverage around the world.

You will obtain a certificate after passing each level of WSET. The prestigious certification is a confirmation of your advanced knowledge and a great reference for your future career opportunities. Use the skills and knowledge you obtain at the Hong Kong Wine Course in the best way you can. Enjoy and explore the wine world, recommend the best ones to your family and friends and use the certificates to open new doors to success!