Lab Diamond is Trending in Hong Kong

Lab Diamond is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong! LABSTAR, an innovative diamond brand that integrates diamond production, wholesale and retail, is emphasizing the benefits of lab-grown diamonds and advocates green jewelry and its enormous impact on the environment.

A great expansion and development of Lab Diamond has occurred within the last decade. Although the technology has been used in the industry for over 50 years, it took time until it could be used in jewelry. By altering the “recipe” LABSTAR is growing diamonds in different colors. Clients can purchase mesmerizing jewels in blue and pink variations as well.

Lab Diamond changes the world of jewelry for the better. It is no longer impossible to get a diamond engagement ring because it is super expensive. By growing diamonds in the lab, LABSTAR can provide more beneficial prices to diamond enthusiasts, while the quality remains top-class. It is a true pity to not own a carat diamond. LABSTAR believes that every girl deserves at least one! This revolutionary brand is making it possible for more people to enjoy mesmerizing diamonds.

LABSTAR collaborates with jewelry stores across the world. Companies that are aware of the fast growth of Lab Diamond are rushing to partner up with LABSTAR and be exclusive sellers of lab-grown diamonds in their cities. Considering the popularity of the trend, it is expected that grown diamonds will increase the clientele largely in the next few years. This company is open to a new collaboration and looks forward to new challenges, experiences and joy of the people that finally get to own diamonds!