WSET Level 3 – Final Step to the Wine Industry

Wine enthusiasts that are motivated to progress in the industry can finally make an important step that can potentially open the biggest doors of the wine field in Hong Kong. WSET Level 3 at CorVino Wine School is the deciding level for wine admirers. After passing the first and second, the attendees of CorVino’s third level can start planning their future career steps.

WSET Level 3 teaches attendees of the course all the advanced skills they will need if they stay in the wine industry professionally. This is the final stage of the course that prepares attendees for all the challenges they might face while teaching them more about wines. Thus, wine enthusiasts can get an idea of all the aspects of the wine industry. After finishing the course, attendees receive a valuable certification that can serve as a great reference for future projects and job opportunities.

The first two levels of WSET focus on building a solid foundation that wine enthusiasts can use professionally or privately. People that are not interested in pursuing careers in the wine industry will keep all the important lessons and skills to use in their personal lives. On the other hand, the ambitious group that completes WSET Level 3 strengthens the basic skills notably more.

CorVino’s teaching methods and programs are extremely engaging. Attendees of the courses learn all the lessons and techniques while having a good time. The educators make sure to pass their knowledge effectively while cherishing the passion students have for wines.