Do you want a Network Video Recorder (NVR) system or a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system for video surveillance? Both record videos but NVR can record audio as well. While […]

Who doesn’t want a multifunction printer

The demand for a good multifunction printer is high in HK. Because who doesn’t want a printer that integrates all four functions (printing, photocopying, scanning, and faxing)? In the eyes […]

What is a virtual info day like?

In view of the pandemic, universities around the world take advantage of a virtual info day solution for undergraduate admissions. So, what is a virtual info day like? In fact, […]

Strategies that Decide the Future of the Company

Public Relations enhance, build and protect a company’s reputation. MEMO +, a PR Firm Hong Kong, is building its way up rapidly thanks to transformational services that undoubtedly impact the […]

Tips for choosing a photocopier

Everyone has different needs for printers, so there are many types of photocopiers and printers on the market today, including those that integrate multiple functions, as well as those that […]

Cayman Fund Investment and LPF HK Management

Do you aspire to explore your business options and reap benefits exclusive to offshore jurisdictions? Cayman Islands is currently one of the main jurisdictions for offshore investment funds all around […]

BVI – British Virgin Island

The British Virgin Island (BVI) is now receiving more and more attention from the world of business as it is a well-recognized offshore jurisdiction.  It has always been a popular […]