Who doesn’t want a multifunction printer

The demand for a good multifunction printer is high in HK. Because who doesn’t want a printer that integrates all four functions (printing, photocopying, scanning, and faxing)? In the eyes of many HK companies, the first thing they look for in a multifunction printer for their offices is neither its costs nor its features. The most important factor HK businessmen take into consideration is in fact whether the multifunctional printer has a strict security system. Examples include having backups for all documents, setting up access permissions for file sharing, encrypting data, etc. Imagine being exposed to security threats like leaking confidential documents and having someone not authorized access your files, what a nightmare that would be. Some HK companies, in particular, need a multifunctional printer that enables the printing of banners, posters, and huge promotional materials. Instead of constantly visiting shops that offer large format printing, investing in one is going to save you money in the long term.

If you encounter any problem with your office printer, you are likely to first seek IT support from your colleagues. What if they are busy with work, who will you turn to next? Don’t worry. Nowadays, many companies offer remote IT support services. Professional engineers can remotely and efficiently access and control your device. An on-site IT support service is nice too, just that you have to wait for a while.